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University City Farmers Market CSA 2024 Details


Are you interested in eating delicious, fresh, locally grown produce? Do you want to support small farmers and keep your money in the local economy? Are you an adventurous eater with a love of cooking? If so, our CSA veggie box program might be the perfect fit for you!


What’s a CSA veggie box? The acronym stands for Community Supported Agriculture and it’s like a subscription to a farm. Our customers pay an upfront amount for their produce at the beginning of the season and stop by the market weekly to pick up what the farm has to offer. Some weeks, there is a lot of produce, others, not as much. Every week is different, and our offerings change according to availability and the season, but a typical week might be:


Spring: heirloom lettuce, strawberries, carrots, radishes, cilantro


Summer: tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, potatoes, basil


Fall:  kale, sweet potatoes, jam, heirloom apples


We have a great variety of fruits, vegetables, herbs, jams and jellies which may be included in our weekly share! In order to keep our CSA boxes as diverse as possible, we source produce from other farms as well as our own farm! All farms have their strengths, and we want to bring the best produce to your table. When you purchase a box at our farm, you’re not only supporting our farm, but about 20 other local farms as well!


When you pick up your veggie box, you will often get a choice between items! Other times, when availability is tight, we will have your share allotted for you.


We have five CSA veggie box styles: A Traditional CSA box (goes for the entire season), a shorter Summer CSA box, a Fall CSA box, the Totally Devoted to Local CSA box, and the Boosted CSA box (includes bread, eggs, and mushrooms). 


  • Saturdays 9am-1pm at University City Farmers Market

  • 8929 JM Keynes Dr, Charlotte NC 28262

-Traditional, Boosted, Devoted CSA Runs April 20-Nov 16

-Summer Runs May 25- August 24

-Fall Runs August 31- November 16


The five veggie box options: 


Totally Devoted to Local CSA 

  • $1240 ($40 worth of food per week for 31 weeks), tax included

  • Register by April 20

  • We can break this into three payments over three months


Boosted CSA

  • The Totally Devoted to Local CSA + 1 loaf Duke’s bread + 1 dz free range eggs + 1 bundle mushrooms for 15% off!

  • $1633.70 ($62 worth of food per week for 31 weeks, valued at $52.70 per week!!) tax included

  • You save $288.30 with this share! 

  • Register by April 20

  • We can break this into three payments over three months


Traditional CSA 

  • $713 ($23 worth of food per week for 31 weeks), tax included

  • Register by April 20

  • We can break this into three payments in over three months


Summer Season CSA 

  • $332 ($23 worth of food per week for 14 weeks), tax included

  • Register by May 12

  • We can break this into two payments over two months

  • Possibility to extend into the fall if the season allows


Fall Season CSA 

  • $276 ($23 worth of food per week for 12 weeks), tax included

  • Register by August 22

  • Make 1 payment by the registration date


Add bread or mushrooms to your weekly CSA veggie box pickup, and get 10% off that item!


  • Add 1 dozen farm fresh eggs for 31 weeks to your Traditional or Boosted CSA for $195.30

  • Add 1 loaf of Duke’s Bread for 31 weeks to your Traditional or Boosted CSA for $195.30

  • Add 1 bundle of Urban Gourmet Farms Mushrooms for 31 weeks to your Traditional or Boosted CSA for $223.20 


Planting Society Information

If you are interested in supporting our farm with a pre-payment but don’t want to purchase a CSA, we recommend joining our Planting Society. Members of the Planting Society purchase what is essentially a special gift card $100+ and then use that card to purchase at the farm stand throughout the season. Members get 10% off all purchases (except pork, chicken, and beef). Please contact Elizabeth via the information below to purchase your Planting Society Card and to load it with money.



Do you offer half shares? 

We do not offer half shares, however, if you would like to split a CSA with someone, you are always welcome to split one of our shares with a neighbor or friend and arrange the division yourselves. 


Can we change our CSA option once the season starts? 

We cannot change or alter your CSA option once you begin the season, but you can switch pickup days in the case of emergencies. Please email us a reminder if you have to temporarily change your day. If you say you are going to split the payment up, you must commit to the option and pay the entire cost. Those choosing the Summer season might have the option to extend into the fall if the season allows.


Do we offer Corporate or Congregational CSAs?

Are you looking to offer a CSA option to your employees or congregation as a benefit or bonus? We can custom create a program that best suits your organization’s needs! Also, If you would like to turn a weekly CSA into a gift basket, we can accommodate. Please contact us at the information below to discuss details.  


Why participate in the CSA instead of just buying produce from the farmers market?

Our CSA customers make our farm possible! We use the upfront payments at the beginning of the year to guide our planting for the whole season. The CSA ensures a great variety of vegetables will be available and it takes a lot of the risk out of farming produce!  It allows us to operate more efficiently and cut waste. We pass the savings on to you! 


Also, in addition to having access to some of the area’s best produce, you also get discounted rates on parties and events held at the farm and vineyard! Yes, we have CSA perks and dividends that we give out during the season!  


Our CSA customers become an integral part of our farm community. We love hosting y’all for strolls around the farm, visits with our animals, and wine tastings. Children and puppy visits are always enjoyable. We even have opportunities for you to come get your hands dirty on the farm throughout the year. 


How do we sign up and pay? 


Space is limited, so please sign up and pay as soon as possible. You have not joined until you have made a payment. Once you have made a payment, we will send you a confirmation email (this is not automated- please allow 2 business days for the confirmation email). Make sure to fill out the form at the bottom. Either mail in the paper copy, or use the Google Forms link. You will receive an introductory email before your first weekly pickup, and then a reminder email each week after that. 


We accept:

cash, delivered to 557 Cabarrus Ave W Concord NC 28027 between 9-3pm M-F or at a market.

check,  made out to The Farm at Dover Vineyards and delivered (or mailed) to 557 Cabarrus Ave W Concord NC 28027 between 9-3pm M-F or at a market.

Venmo, @elizabeth-dover-7 please choose friends and family option to avoid fees

PayPal choose friends and family option to ensure that fees are not charged. 


If you have any questions, or want more information, call 704-782-2117 (office) or 704-794-2033 (cell), or We prefer not to take credit card because of the processing fees, however, if this is the only available method of payment, we can send you an invoice via square for you to pay.


Who we are

We are a small fruit and vegetable farm located on Concord Parkway S in Concord. We planted our first crops around 15 years ago on family land and strive to keep agriculture alive in the Charlotte Metro Area. We grow organically, but are not certified. We concentrate on using local suppliers and try to limit our use of off-farm inputs. We only offer products grown by ourselves on the farm, or from friends’ farms. When we offer products from other farms, we cannot guarantee that they are grown organically, but we can tell you the growing methods of the farmers and about why they would choose to use what they do on their products. We only offer vegetables which are in season, although we are looking at economical ways to extend our seasons. All of our employees are legal and we pay them fairly.


Please fill out the form via the link below or print it to submit with your payment!


Primary Name ___________________________________________phone #____________________


Contact email _____________________________________________________________________


Sharing CSA  (Optional) with_____________________________________phone #____________________


Contact email _____________________________________________________________________


Which CSA are you joining: 

___ Summer CSA $332

___ Traditional CSA $713

___ Totally Devoted to Local CSA $1240

___ Boosted CSA $1633.70

___ Fall CSA $276


CSA pickup location: 

___Wednesday at the Market at 7th Street 5-6pm

___Thursday at Local Loaf 5-7pm

___Saturday at University City Farmers Market 9am-1pm

___ Saturday at Common Market Plaza Midwood 10am-1pm


Add ons:

___31 weeks of Farm Fresh Eggs $195.30

___31 weeks of Duke’s Bread $195.30

___31 weeks of Urban Gourmet Mushrooms (shiitake, oyster, trumpet, lions mane) $223.20


Amount due: ________


Amount paid: ________


How you are Paying:

___Venmo @elizabeth-dover-7

___Paypal friends and family option



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