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"Hey Mom and Dad- Do y'all want to start a vineyard with me? We should use Grandma's land! "- EA Dover
"Yeah- sure!"
-MA and Audy Dover

Unlike many vineyards and wineries, we truly have no good story as to why we started on this venture.


Dovers have always loved good food, good wine, and doing things the hard way, so farming just seemed like a natural next step.


We decided to start farming in a very strange place—on prime real estate for commercial development in an area of North Carolina which seems to bulldoze forests and farms weekly! We are proud to say that we are dedicated to keeping agriculture alive in Cabarrus County. We planted our first vines in 2009 with the help of friends, family, and strangers. We started our first vegetable gardening ventures later that year, again with the help of volunteers. Despite having more set-backs than you could shake a stick at, the enterprise keeps growing and expanding each year.

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Phone 704-782-2117

Fax 704-782-2414





Mailing Address

557 Cabarrus Ave W

Concord NC 28027


Physical Address

3600 Concord Parkway S Concord NC 28027




In our dedication to environmental sustainability, we chose to grow two rather uncommon varieties grapes: Chambourcin and Villard blanc. These two varieties allow us to produce quality grapes under the threat of the many diseases and mildews of the Southeast. Our vineyards are located on extremely heavy clay soil that contains more rocks than Carter had pills. While this soil presented a challenge during planting, it seems to be a combination that produces some flavor-filled grapes. 

~The Vineyard Garden
When we were planting the vineyard, we noticed that the lower portion of the field was going to be too wet for growing grapes. We decided later that fall to finish the field out with a vegetable garden. After a few seasons of rock-pickup, compost additions, and digging drainage ditches, it's almost in decent condition! This 1.7 acre field has produced some of the most delicious Swiss chard and kale ever produced.
~The Adams Garden
One fall, a company contacted us to grow collards for them. We were all out of space in the Vineyard Garden, so we decided to expand into the front yard of Margaret Ann's mother's house. This soil was filled with worms and immediately started producing some of the best collards to be sold in Cabarrus County. Since that first season, we have gone on to grow much more than collards; this 1.3 acre garden has become a vital part of our operation.
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