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Creamed Swiss Chard or Kale

1 lb Swiss chard

2 TBS butter

1 small onion, chopped

salt, pepper, and nutmeg to taste

a few dashes of cream

1/2 block of cream cheese, 4 oz

Parmesan cheese or Asiago cheese to finish

If creaming the Swiss Chard, chop the stems and saute with the onion. If creaming the kale, start by sauteing the onions in the butter, salt, pepper, and nutmeg (if you want nutmeg- just a dash now! Don't let it dominate!). Chop the Swiss Chard (or kale) leaves in 1" strips and after about a minute, add the leaves to the pan. Let this reduce until the leaves are wilted. You may have to drain off a bit of the liquid which cooking produces. Add the cream cheese, cream and cheese at the end. 

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